SEWA Foundation’s LEAD Bay Area Program

Got invited to kick off the SEWA Foundations ( ‘LEAD Bay Area’, a summer engagement program for high school students, with my interactive talk.

It was great to see the boys and girls take interest in my story, in space exploration and were completely engrossed in the discussion. Atleast a few were inspired to be astronauts and scientists or engineers in space exploration! I would call that another “Mission Accomplished” 🙂

Here are a few moments!


A little girl’s curious eyes fell on a book with pictures of astronauts, at a book exhibition at her school, in a small town in India and there began a lifelong journey of her struggles and attempts at fulfilling her dream. That is how this real-life story begins.

It has been a journey full of hardships, excitements, struggles, highs and lows but every bit of it has been rewarding. As I look back today, I feel satisfied with every step I have taken, every milestone I have completed!

Come join me now, as I take you along on my adventures while I forge ahead and get further closer to making my dreams come true! I will share my knowledge and experiences through pictures and blogs, answer questions and further my goal to “Inspire, Guide and Motivate”